Octopus Tentacle Rings Gift Set made by Lord Cthulhu himself 925 Sterling Silver

Octopus Tentacle Rings Gift Set made by Lord Cthulhu himself 925 Sterling Silver

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Made by Cthulhu himself...

Our best-selling octopus tentacle ring is handmade by Lord Cthulhu himself in the depths of R'lyeh. Alright...just kidding - but even so, its totally badass!

Each ring is cast in solid .925 Sterling silver (it'll NEVER turn your finger green), extremely comfortable, and designed to adjust to virtually ALL ring sizes (seriously!) so you can switch fingers on the go or wear it as a thumb ring. Don't know your ring size? Just pop it on, give it a squeeze, and it'll fit like a glove!

Devlishly distinctive and totally badass, the dark design is popular with guys who want a masculine ring without being over the top - though plenty women love it too!

Don't worry about buying the wrong size - its easily resizable to fit fingers from size 4-14. Literally HUNDREDS of men and women have raved about our design, so we fully guarantee you will absolutely love it! If you don't get at least 8 compliments during your first week wearing it, we'll pay for you to return it!


✔ Easily adjustable: Conforms to ANY size finger! No special tools required
✔ Looks great on both men and women
✔ Wear it on any finger - even works well as a thumb ring



✔ Fits any finger between sizes 4 and 14


Q: It says the ring is adjustable, but will it fit me?
A: The ring is cast as a size 7 but it can be easily resized to fit fingers sized all the way up to 14!

Q: Do I need to take it to a jeweler to resize it?
A: Absolutely not! Silver is a soft metal, and since the ring is not a fully closed loop, all you have to do is bend the ring open or closed to adjust to your finger size.

Q: Will this ring turn my finger green?
A: Green fingers generally happen when the plating on a ring wears off to expose the copper core. Our tentacle ring is made of solid .925 Sterling silver, so there is no risk of this happening. There may be rare circumstances where your body's reaction to silver can cause discoloration, but it doesn't happen for most people.

Q: Why is the ring lighter than the image on your listing?
A: Rings being lighter compared to the image is a result of its handmade nature. The rings will naturally darken as it is exposed to the natural sulfur in


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