Silver Feather Ring made of 925 sterling silver

Silver Feather Ring made of 925 sterling silver

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Looking for the perfect silver feather ring?

Look no further because we have the most detailed, highest quality and most versatile feather ring ANYWHERE! The intricate detailing on the ring is finished with dark oxidation, bringing out the details even more than before. It can be worn by both men and women, and will look fantastic on anyone!

It is easily adjustable just by bending it open or closed, so you can wear it on any finger or you can give it as a gift without knowing the person's exact ring size! Cast from SOLID 925 Sterling silver, you can rest assured that it will be a long-lasting piece that you can treasure for years to come.


 100% Sterling Silver
 Easily adjustable - No special tools needed
 Unisex design. Great for both men & women
 Hand-etched detail looks just like a real feather
 30 day, hassle-free returns


 Medium (7 - 9)


 Material: 925 Sterling silver
 Weight: 5.5g


Q: It says the ring is adjustable, but will it fit me?
A: The one size fits all variant give you the flexibility to get a great fit, from size 4 to 11, without dramatically changing the look of the ring. It can fit sizes larger than 11, but the heads of the two snakes will end up not overlapping as much (which may be ok for you)

Q: Do I need to take it to a jeweler to resize it?
A: Absolutely not! Silver is a soft metal, and since the ring is not a fully closed loop, all you have to do is bend the ring open or closed to adjust to your finger size.

Q: Will this ring turn my finger green?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! Green fingers generally happen when the plating on a ring wears off to expose the copper core. This ring is made of solid .925 Sterling silver, so there is no risk of this happening. There may be rare circumstances where your body's reaction to silver can cause discoloration, but it doesn't happen for most people.

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